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The Keys to Beating Corrosion: Early Detection and Expert Monitoring

Posted by Advanced Corrosion on Jul 18, 2014 2:12:00 PM

As every industry professional knows too well, corrosion is a relentless and ever-present concern for the chemical process industry (CPI). In fact, corrosion is the main contributing factor to:

•Increased production costs
•Health and safety risks
•Environmental issues, and
•Legal liabilities.

With the spread of corrosion presenting a daily threat in the CPI (Chemical Process Industries), it is important to constantly inspect and monitor equipment for early signs of corrosion to prevent costly repairs or equipment failure later.

The effects of corrosion are startling:

•“As of 2014, the annual cost of corrosion in the U.S. is estimated to be about $1 trillion (about 6% of the gross domestic product).”
•“For the petrochemical sector, the annual cost is about $1.7 billion.”
•“The annual cost in the CPI is over 8% of the annual plant capital expenditures across these industrial sectors.”

Not only does corrosion cost the CPI substantial amounts of money, it also reduces the operating life of equipment, which in turn reduces the value of assets. There are many different methods to inspecting corrosion. The following methods help to locate the problems and can keep you aware of the type and location of corrosion.

Methods of detecting corrosion:


•API Visual Inspection
•Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection
Ultrasonic Inspection
•Dye Penetrants
•Remote Visual
Bracelet Probe (CUI)
Moisture Detection (CUI)
•Eddy Current
•Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Monitoring corrosion is used to closely watch areas with signs of corrosion in all critical components. There are also several methods for monitoring corrosion.


Methods of monitoring corrosion:

Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Guided Wave Testing
•Electromagnetic Testing
Advanced Laser Testing (ALT)
•X-Ray (Computed Radiography)

Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training, LLC provides quality inspections that help businesses detect and monitor corrosion. Our inspection methods and tools have made us a leader in the field of corrosion detection and prevention. We strive to detect corrosion before it becomes an issue using the most advanced technologies.



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