Bracelet Probe Technology is a revolutionary electromagnetic nondestructive examination (NDE) inspection tool. Inspections can be performed in-service without interruption and without removal of insulation and fireproofing.

What is Bracelet Probe Technology?

Bracelet Probe Technology is intended to inspect live pipes with thick insulation layers. It detects electromagnetic energy, which is affected by the pipe wall thickness regardless of insulation.

The Use Bracelet Probe Technology

The main use of this technology is to detect external corrosion in pipes, vessels, and tanks with coating, fireproofing, and/or insulation. It can be used to detect Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF), and more.

How Bracelet Probe Technology Saves Time and Money

The primary benefit of the technology is that it doesn’t require system shutdown or insulation removal. This means your operation never experiences a disruption during inspections. The rapid inspection is performed from the exterior of the insulation or fireproofing.

The flexibility of one probe for many pipe sizes, pipe condition assessments, and pipes with or without insulation allows for a truly non-disruptive inspection technique. This reduces the costs associated with project delays, shutdowns, or unplanned disruptions in your locations.

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